Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

Brauseboys am 2.12.: Krämer und Bormann

Spitzel in FDP-Kreisen entdeckt (Depesche SECRET BERLIN 489349)

Noforn (No, never)
State for Eur, S/T CL
DHS for OIA Scardaville (= to hands Hillary)

E.O. Classified by Guido W.
Subjekt: Berlin Weather
A. Ref. BER 007
A. GERMANY´s weather condition is getting worse. It is not known as the best weather, but in Winter it´s generally cold now as f* hell. Whether Winter 09/10 was called CENTURY WINTER, this year Correspondents are whispering MILLENIUM WINTER as the next thing in development. Truly, I have no Bock anymore to inform further, you have Weather Channels "en masse" and my Kollegen are getting suspicious and i am thinking about getting a new job at the barbershop of a friend (Udo). To be Minister for the Outside is very hard, i can tell you. Give me some new identity and send me to South-Sea if you can, please. END SUMMARY

Donnerstag, 2.12. /20.30 Uhr
MASTUL (Liebenwalder Str. 33, nahe Osram-Höfe)


Neue Texte, Musik und Multimedia mit Paul Bokowski, Hinark Husen, Robert Rescue, Frank Sorge, Volker Surmann, Heiko Werning und Gästen.

Sebastian Krämer (Kein Kabarett)
Christian Bormann (Keine Pantomime)

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